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  • Facebook Call 'Spot On' - Wall Street Expert George Antonopoulos's Facebook Call 'Spot On'; Hits Price Target Ahead Of Schedule
  • March, 2013 Apple Call Accurate - Wealth Manager George Antonopoulos's Call; Apple Hits Price Target One Year Ahead Of Schedule In February, 2015
  • Looking into the Markets - Is it time to buy stocks?

  • Market Analysis: Portfolio Protection -  Kelli Hill, Bill Stone and George Antonopoulos discuss ways to protect your portfolio in today's volatile market

  • Investing in Indices - What are the indexes that will improve your portfolio?

  • Who is Still Buying Financial Companies? - president, George Antonopoulos lists his stock picks.

  • Morgan Stanley Shares Drop - Eric Bolling, Alistair Barr, and George Antonopoulos discuss Morgan Stanley concerns in the market.

  • Hot Stock Picks -'s George Antonopoulos gives his take on which stocks can make money for you.

  • Hot Stock Picks - chief investment strategist, George Antonopoulos gives a list of his top stock picks.

  • CBS News Interview With George Antonopoulos - Well, it's been a nerve racking past 48 hours on Wall Street, but we predicted that the market would rebound from the nasty correction yesterday, and it did.  Just so that you know we are always consistent with our bullish sentiment, we thought you would like to see, LLC's President and Chief Investment Strategist on CBS News





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