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Facebook $ 44 / Share Stock Price Quick Analysis

Facebook $ 44 / Share Stock Price Quick Analysis

Good morning.  Some people have recently asked me how “I knew” that Facebook’s stock price would ‘come back with a vengeance’ when it was at a low.  The answer is that:

1.  My team and I did over three years of research prior to the IPO of Facebook last year

2.  We personally visited Facebook’s Headquarters in Silicon Valley three times to talk to key personnel and to get as much information as possible to pass that on to you as a good stock selection.

3.  It’s simply a great company that has changed business, and cannot be ignored. 

When a great company comes along like Ford, GE, Apple, Google, and Facebook, we must be owners of these great companies in order to attain serious long term wealth.

Whether you own these stocks individually, or in ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds), they are obviously stocks that should be a part of any serious Wealth Management Portfolio.

We simply wanted you to know that Facebook is not a random company performing random tasks.  It is a company that is specifically targeting an entire generation of consumers, companies, and nations simultaneously.  That’s a pretty big accomplishment!

Have a great weekend.


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